“They’ve turned my sketches into a final product at a very competitive price!”

“Proper design geeks!”

3D printing

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3D printing is a fantastic technique to transform your idea into a tangible product you can hold in your hand.

This means fantastic possibilities for your ideas to be converted into physical objects, which can vary from jewellery designs, or replicating an old spare part for your car, to name but a few. ​3D printing allows you to design different sized items, which can also be made from many materials. The options are endless!

​Luma3Dprint specialise in taking your idea and turning it into a 3D computer model and a 3D print.

​Once you have approved the 3D model we then transfer the file to be converted into a 3D physical object, which is then sent to you. Any object can potentially be modeled by us and then printed within a week from your own design with this technology.