design your idea

How good is my product iDea?

Everything starts with an idea. To assess whether your idea is something that other people will actually sell, the following questions will help to guide you in the right direction.

1- Is this product already on the market?
2- Which variants are there to this product?
3- What is good and bad about the competing products? (Both technically and how it’s sold)
4- Which functionalities are desired by the user?
5- Who is the user target group?
6- Where is the target group located? Where will you sell the product?
7- What is the size of the market? How many people might buy the product?
8- Who is going to sell the actual product? Who are the vendors going to be?
9- Pricing: how much is the target group willing to pay for this product? What will the pricing strategy be? (Cheapest, best quality or best value?)
10- Which quality expectations do the end users have?
11- Will they buy this product?