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Luma3Dprint is a consultancy design service specialising in producing 3D CAD data for 3D printing. Although there are fewer rules to follow than traditional methods of manufacture such as injection moulding and CNC machining there are still many important elements to get right for a successful 3D print.

We work closely with 3DPrintUK who operate an EOS P100 SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machine. Wall thicknesses cannot go down to less than 0.5mm, especially if any thin features have elongated profiles, it causes heat spots which in turn can lead to print failures. Parts cannot be too thick as this can cause warping during the print cooling process. A lot of thought has to go into each item that will be 3D Printed.

This concept bike is a great example of our design services. We took the clients sketches and converted the side profiles into a 3D model. We then worked with the client to generate a sculptural shape and produce a 1:12 scale design.

3D Case Study #1

The final model was printed into separate wheels, tyres and main body sections. This kept the build volume down, reducing the cost of the 3D print to the client and also allows different wheel positions and colour combinations.

Luma3Dprint also offer a SLS colouring service, we hand dyed the nylon model black which the client requested. Dying SLS models also brings out a lot of the detail that can be lost in the natural white finish.

3D Case Study #2

If you have a design you would like converted into a 3D model for printing, please drop us an email at or visit our website for more information or to download the Luma3Dprint A5 PDF.