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Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie runs a fantastic boutique brand and online shop Harriot contacted me regarding a special range of jewellery for the Walking with the Wounded Charity. She sent through the sketch below and we worked through a range of concepts.
The final design was 3D printed by 3DPrintUK on an Objet printer and the prints were used to make a casting for the final metal product.

3D print model

3D foot
3D sketch foot

Above. Harriot wanted two variations of the foot design and three different sizes 3D printed to see which one she preferred. The discs range from 20-30mm and 1mm thick so they not very expensive to 3D print.


“Taking Steps for a better future” was designed by De Bouverie founder Harriot Pleydell-Bouverie. The range was exclusively created for Walking with the Wounded and is a simple collection to promote both the charity, and support those that have served their country with such honour.

Harriot approached Walking With The Wounded having helped a friend through rehabilitation after he was injured in Afghanistan. Inspired by the courage, enthusiasm and commitment of both her friend and the help that he received along the way, she offered to design a jewellery range that identified with this.

Harriot wanted to produce something that was sophisticated and stylish as well as wearable. It wasn’t long after her initial ideas that the collection “Taking Steps for a Better Future” was born. It is a collection that celebrates the positivity of the charity and we hope that our supporters appreciate her generosity, as well as the simplicity of her message.

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