Toys & gadgets printing

3D printing was used to make a one of a kind model created for the world of Halo. Lots of detail was created on the CAD model which really gave the final 3D print a true sense of scale and realism. The model won the October 2011 Gizmodo UK 3D printing challenge and was printed by Nick Allen 3DPrintUK on an Objet printer.

Gizmodo model robot world of warcraft 3d print

robot design challenge 3d print

concept robot 3d print

Below: the final painted model stands at 160mm high and the arms are connected on a ball joint so they can be set at different positions. Games Workshops acrylic paints were used along with some dry brushing to give the robot an aged look.

world of halo 3d print

Below: the photos show some of the stages to produce the final painted model. To get a good smooth surface finish a fair amount of sanding is required. A thick primer also helps to hide some of the “steps” created during the printing process.

moving parts joints robot 3d print
raw material 3d print robot
assembly robot parts 3d print

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