product design cycle

How to turn your idea into a final product

majority of stages are not difficult to do, but we often see that people skip fundamental parts. One of the reasons is that people are often limited in time and money so it is thought that the process can be made shorter by skipping some steps. All too often this backfires and projects run over budget and take much longer than expected. One example in particular is taking the necessary steps to understand your market and to make sure your market likes your product.

The inventors of a great product are convinced that their idea is so good that people will buy it. However, to base an entire product investment only established on an assumption is risky; the truth is you cannot know how well a market accepts your product until you have conducted market research to identify the demand for your product.

Product design cycle, the model. So, how to get started? We have built a model to cover all of the steps in the product design cycle. It might look overwhelming when you first see it, but not all of the steps take a lot of time. The most important purpose of our product design cycle model is to make you aware of all aspects involved in product design and their relevance to the product.

product design cycle

Product design cycle, all steps leading to production: