6 Steps to your own 3D print



Have an idea

The first step is the most important, what ideas would you love to turn into a physical object? Is there a product you have always wanted to fix or design?



Explain your idea to us

Get in touch with us and explain your idea. This can be over the phone or email. Ideally at this stage we would like concise sketches and measurements for us to work from.


3D Designs

We design your idea in 3D

Using Solidworks CAD software we build your concept as a 3D model on a computer. We then send you images and drawings of the model for you to comment on.



3D Print

Hold your idea in your hand

This is the best part! You now have the 3D object to hold in your hand. Don’t forget that now we have the file, you can also order more if required in a different colour or material perhaps?

process circle


3D Model

The model is shipped to you

After printing the model we can ship it to you anywhere in the world! Collection is also an option if you are located near our studio.



Model Printing

We print your model

We use a variety of companies depending on the material required and specification of the model. At this time there are over 20 different types of printer to choose from.