What do we do?


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CAD is the bread and butter of what we do at Luma3Dprint.

All 3D Prints require a CAD model to work from, a .STL file is normally used. We have over 15 years of combined knowledge with 3D CAD and feel we are pretty awesome at it!

cadThe way we use CAD for 3D Printing is quite specific and can require different rules to say injection moulding or CNC machining. We need to ensure wall thicknesses, edges and clearances are correct, the support material can be easily removed and parts will not warp or break during the print. It is pretty amazing at what can be achieved with CAD and 3D printing.


Vehicle Modelling

Cars, bikes, planes, boats, robots and even sleighs we have worked on! We love working with vehicle designs. We work with several companies producing scale models, these are usually 3D printed to test the look and function and then they are normally sent to injection moulding suppliers for mass production. Some companies also created silicone moulds from the 3D print which can be much cheaper than injection moulding although suitable for smaller quantities.


CAD Models from Sketches, Broken Components & Photos

We can pretty much CAD model anything, but what really helps us are good photographs and sketches with key dimensions.We can reverse engineer parts so they can be 3D printed to match the original. Sometimes it might be better to improve a part, add some thickness or some extra ribbing or supports.


Smart Phone Cases & Accessories

Increasingly popular uses for 3D printing are smart phone custom cases and accessories. We always seem to have at least one live project involving smart phones so please get in touch if you are after a specific design or perhaps a marketing piece?


Custom Raspberry Pi Cases

The Raspberry Pi motherboard has been a huge success with endless applications. The fact they do not come with cases has opened up a niche market for custom 3D printed cases. We have worked on several recently (including a dual Pi case).



As well as producing 3D CAD we can also produce photo realistic images of your design which are brilliant marketing tools.