Hunting Pink

Hunting Pink has been a close client with Luma-iD starting with the Koozzzi baby jar which was awarded the good industrial design award. After this successful project an entire product line is was designed and manufactured based on innovation, cleanlooks, easy and safe operation.

The Koozzzi Baby Jar [Right]

Designed by Luma-iD and manufactured byPrincess the Koozzzi baby jar is an innovation which electrically heats a ceramic medium which results in a safe new application without dangerous boiling water.

atlas gio 2

We worked together with Philips SSL to develop a high powered LED string for large building interiors like the IKEA shop lighting. This product was designed and manufactured in an extremely short time-to-market. Optics, thermodynamics,electronics, and hybrid technology had to befused into one solution. Traveling to China was needed to produce and monitor the injection and die-casting moulds in the short three week time-scale.

Philips Affinium LED Strin

Philips Affinium LED String
High power LED solution with optimal thermal energy transfer and IP66waterproof rating.

Fox International

Numerous design projects were done for Fox International who are the market leaders in the UKand European fishing industry. The range of fishing styles creates a diverse collection of products including fishing reels, rods, digital weigh scales,lures, clothing and luggage to name a few.The tough competition of the fishing industry has really pushed the designers to produce easier to use, better value and higher quality products. Fox invests heavily in patents, prototyping and testing.

Fox N Series MicronTM
A two year project combining leading edge electronics and absolute outdoor usability & reliability.

Luma designed for a wide variety of clients. We have learned that whether we design for the baby or the aerospace industry, all products go through the same cycles of design, and everything starts with an idea!


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