Manufacturing China

We have a large network of suppliers in mainland China for various production techniques. We went 9 times to Shenzhen China & Hong Kong to guide various production runs. This is done to secure the needed quality of the final products. Plus in Chinese business you establish much stronger relationships when you visit the factories and meet the directors and key engineers.


  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Die casting aluminum
  • Optical lens manufacturers
  • Magnet suppliers
  • (Safety) glass suppliers
  • Metal, punching, cutting, CNC etc
Soft parts

  • Foam cutting
  • Webbing and elastics
  • Custom packaging & manual printing
soft_part_one soft_part_two
soft_part_three soft_part_four
  • Packaging design, low to high end.
packing_low_one packing_low_two
Project Management

  • roduction management
  • Time planning
  • Costs calculation
    • Manufacturing
    • Assembly
    • Shipment sea/ air
    • Customs
  • Quality Control
project_management project_planning
where-to-produce fulfillment-services quality-control