What do we do?

LUMA 3D Products are experienced product design engineers and consultants who can help you taking your ideas the next step up. We have a long experience in product design and many of our designs are internationally sold as we speak.

Production: For multiple projects we have been to the Far East to assist in the final production stages. We have an extended network of contacts in the Shenzhen region which can help you to get the right people on the job, ranging from good quality controllers to Chinese speaking interpreters to ensure your product quality demands are met.

Where to begin?: Let us first start with your idea, drop us an email: info(at)luma3dprint(dot)com

6 steps to turn your idea into a product





Your idea

The first step is the most important, what idea would you like to turn into a product that later will be sold? Important is to know which functionalities the users of your product desire. Why will your product sell better then the others?



We start off with a concept, a first impression. We sketch or make a trial model to get the overall shape of the product. In this phase we can look into whether your ideas will be technically possible and how much will certain options cost to manufacture?



3D model

3D model

Using Solidworks CAD software we build your concept as a 3D model on a computer. This gives us the ability to alter even the smallest details. After the 3D model is finished we can render the model. Rendering is making a real life impression of how the product would look when it is i.e standing on a table.



Imagine holding the first box of your fresh product. When the right product comes out the factory it’s key to maintain the quality control. Track and trace is important here to keep track of all products.

process circle



Prepare for production

This is a big and important step. All technical drawings, the Bill of Materials (BOM), assembly steps, packaging, manuals, everything needs to be bullet proof as this is the final step before investments are made into tooling and the ordering of the first batch.



We build a functional prototype, to get an insight of how the product actually works in real life. A good prototype should match all the intended functionalities and answer all user demands.

Product Design services

Sketching Rendering Sketching / Rendering
Important for fast communication of ideas and exploring shape andstyle, Luma-iD can work with you to create professional design work. We use traditional and digital methods to illustrate your ideas.
2D 3D CAD 2D & 3D CAD / FEA Modelling
We offer a wide range of CAD services, from turning your sketches orideas into 2D ISO standard CAD drawings or 3D models ready for manufacture. FEA modelling can be a useful optimising tool, for example it can be used in load bearing situations, where weight and strength need to be optimised.
With rapid prototyping (3D Printing) increasing in popularity, prices are reducing,making models far more affordable. This benefits product design because ideas can be quickly realised and proven, within a few days, an idea can be turned into a physical product. We also use prototyping technology at the end of a design project to test the look, feel & fit. This can save thousands in tooling costs and time if the moulded part does not behave as expected.